Gorgeous new Thai girl takes a ride on the groan machine

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Every year there is a new crop of girls hitting the Bangkok flesh markets and most of them are nothing special. But every now and then you get a girl like this who is really willing to make an impression.

Cute teen with an infectious smile has a convulsive orgasm

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

I have always thought there are several types of beauty, and one of those are when even a girl who is not that pretty has a strong sexual charisma. This model has such an infectious warm smile and easygoing way that makes this video impossibly too hot to watch.

Do you like short haired Asian girls? Then we have something special for you.

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

If you have that weird fetish that some have for short haired Asian girls then you are in the right place. This cute Thai tomboy gets demolished by a big cock and completely swept away by pleasure in what is one of the most amazing and genuine sex videos we have ever seen.

Gorgeous skinny and brown LBFM girl banged back at the hotel

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

I love this picture set because this amazing Thai girl’s enthusiasm for sex really shines through. It’s like she has no other mission in life for this brief time except to feel as good as possible gyrating on this guys big cock. These are actually stills that were done at a video shoot so yes […]

Stuffed all the way to the uterus

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

I can imagine this girl thought she could handle anything, including what was going to happen in this video shoot. Instead it turned into uncomfortable squirming and squealing as she is literally stiffed all the way to her uterus by a big cock.

Wildly hot real nude Thai girl friends!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

It isn’t often that there is a new Asian adult web site that comes along that’s worth mentioning. But today there is something really new and fantastic online called Submit Your Thai. Basically this is a site that features real Thai girl friends and amateur girls. It looks like someone had a wicked time in […]

So just how many Filipina bar girls can you handle at one time?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Well I hope you said you can handle thousands, because that’s how many Thai and Filipina bar girls are online right now at Filipina Bar Girls. Have Fun!

Oh hai I am a naked Thai Girl!

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Over the years here we have often featured girls that were not Filipina, and especially a lot of girls who are mixed race. In fact we will generally feature any sexy girl from one of the bargirl countries. I don’t know what this chicks name is but she is scorching hot and has a body […]

Skinny and nubile Thai teen strips off her bikini

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Here is another lesson in why we like the Asian girls so much. All in all they are much skinnier than the girls in Hamburger Land. Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot of hot white girls out there but they are not in the majority for sure. I can tell you from […]

Lounging around with my real 18 year old Thai house girl.

Monday, May 31st, 2010

This picture covers the reality of having a Thai girl friend more than any other here. She’s naked and has money in one hand and her phone in the other. In fact it’s a struggle to keep her from texting while we are having sex. If you are curious about life with real asian girl […]

Hanging out with sexy Thai girl Apple

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Whenever we hit Thailand there are a few girls that we never fail to look up and beautiful Apple here is one of them. This girl has a body and personality that is build for sex. Her slim 18 year old body drives men wild, and she is completely uninhibited about sex. These photos are […]

Check out this hot Thai hooker we rented in Pattaya!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

The first three things we rented this summer when we got to Pattaya were a car, this girl, and a hotel room. In that order. The car was not so good, but our girl Apple turned out to be a real blast and gave us a real girlfriend experience. In fact we have some great […]

Wild erect and aroused puffy nipples.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We’ve done a lot of photos of a lot of the bargirls in Bangkok but few of them are such total winners as Ann here. She’s petite, bubbly, loves sex and has an outrageous set of puffy nipples that always embarrass her and poke right through her tube top. We are still working on this […]

Bangkok porn star Pat shows off her breasts

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I think it’s pretty clear that guys who like Filipina girls are also going to take a look at Thai girls from time to time. Both types of girls have their strengths and weaknesses, but in general thay are all good and I don’t think there is any reason why we should limit our research […]

The naked, wet and nubile Stephie Thai.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for this girl, she has that sort of tight bodied and flat chested look that I like, and that I know many of our readers like. And yah, she is doing some wicked hardcore starring in videos such as “Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 2”, and now […]

Bangkok teen shows off her newly enlarged breasts.

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Enlarged breasts mean engorged penises and more money in the bank. Every bar girl knows this. This honee took her first paycheck after her 18th birthday and went out to the local cosmetic surgery clinic to get pumped up (and there are hundreds in BKK, supporting the vanity of the local girls). So what do […]

Bangkok Dangerous. Thai bargirl Gik aims to please.

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Every year in Bangkok a new crop of teens come of age and join in the debauchery of one of the world’s hottest sex industries. Our new honee Gik has just turned 18 and is ready to do anything to please you. I guess you can tell by the look on her face she is […]

Puffy nipple Thai Teenager Anh is back. Extreme puffy nipples.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Puffy nipples turn me on more than anything. Sometimes when I take a huge dump it excites my prostate and I get a huge boner. Then I think gross because my boner is touching the inside rim of the toilet bowl and I have to kinda lean forward and stand so I can ‘pull out’ […]

Puffy nipple Thai girl shows off her perfect breasts.

Friday, July 11th, 2008

What can I say about the girls of Bangkok, they can totally rock your world. This girl is a well known dancer at Nana Plaza…At one of the clubs catering to the Japanese tourists. Her breasts are perfect, and when she gets aroused those nipples puff up like crazy.

Busty Thai Girl takes a break from Bangkok’s Nana Plaza.

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Can you imagine being in a room full of busty and puffy nipple Thai girls just like this beauty? Well take a look into any bar in Bangkok’s infamous Nana Plaza. I’m not kidding or exaggerating to say you could be having sex with a beautiful teen like this one any night in Bangkok. Thai […]

Busty Thai teenager Cake shows off her naked beauty.

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Busty 18 year old Thai girl Cake is working her tiny asian vagina for every dollar it is worth. As you can see from the pic this girl is world class beauty, and one of the hottest girls in Bangkok. These pics are from a wild new video. In it she uses a vibrator to […]

I see you are intrigued by Yok’s awesome rocking tits.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Today we have a little bit of a clip of the famous photo shoot of Bangkok honee Yok. If you read way back in the blog you may remember we mention this, if not here’s the story and it’s not hard to understand. Yok has perhaps what are the most awesome rocking tits in the […]

Meet the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever 20. Can you believe this adorable girl does hardcore?

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Pat is incredibly cute…She is exactly what you would call a comely female. I guess cos you want to comely all over her lol. Just to show how wild even the cutest girl can be I would like to mention that Pat is the star of Hustler’s Asian Fever #20. She fucks buck wild on […]

Our girl in Bangkok has perfect breasts. Getting the scoop on Thai bar dancer Cake.

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Cake. Yep that’s what she calls herself, and in all fairness that is exactly what she is. She is typical of the hottest of Thai girls…and she shows off the main thing that makes Thai girls different than other asians: curves. I have to admit that the bar girls in BKK are unbelievable. The cash […]

Gooky eyed and skinny assed. Pigtailed Bangkok teen May loses her bikini.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Pigtailed, eighteen, gooky beautiful and skinny assed May is one of the typical new beauties roaming the street in Bangkok. A lot of the Thai countryside girls can be too thick for my tastes but the Bangkok girls seem to have it all. This girls anus is a work of fine art, and she loves […]